How competitive am I for an EM match?

Emergency Medicine is one of 8 specialities that had 100% fill in the 2012 match. Of the 1,668 positions available, all of them filled. This means you couldn’t scramble into a position if you didn’t match. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a position in an EM residency, but you got to play it…More

What do residency directors look for in their applicants?

Hello prospective Emergency Physicians. Dr. Casey and I have created this note to help maneuver through some of the documents that the NRMP (National Residency Matching Program) put out, specifically in regards to matching in Emergency Medicine. Our hope is that this can answer some of your questions before we meet, so we can spend…More

Radiolab: End of Life Care

There was an amazing piece on the Radiolab podcast this week (Jan 15, 2013) on perceptions of end-of-life care. This is an issue that we face in the Emergency Department as we see many patients who present in their last minutes. This may be an acute exacerbation of a chronically ill person or an acutely…More

What is your learning style?

In medicine, we are presented with information to learn in many different ways. Reams of journal articles and text book chapters Flowcharts and anatomical atlases (atli?) Managing a complicated patient on the first day of your rotation Paper cases allowing you time to reflect and digest information Regardless of how you learn best, you’re going…More

Index of Learning Styles

Felder and Silverman came up with a test to determine one’s learning styles. Here are my results after taking the test. Apparently, I’m quite unbalanced. Results for: Rahul Patwari ACT 11 9 7 5 3 1 1 3 5 [7] 9 11 REF SEN 11 9 7 5 3 1 1 [3] 5 7 9…More

Ask students to make predictions

A student’s previous knowledge helps them establish new learning. By creating connections to this old material, they are able to build off it and solidify the new content in their minds. While teaching in the emergency department, this can be done by asking them to use their prior knowledge to make a prediction. They then…More

Can I add a form to a post?

The new form creator in WordPress makes it so easy to put a form within a post. The options are limited, but we can still do a lot with what is there. Students can use it to record their answers. Instructors who receive those answers can use it as a pre-assessment.More

Post Intubation Checklist

Quick Checklist Analgesia & Sedation Secure the tube well (use a commercial device) Raise head of bed to 30-45° Confirm Lung Protective Vent Settings Humidify the air (Heat Moisture Exchanger) Place Inline Suction (q1h or more) End Tidal CO2 Monitor (Pt -> suction -> humidifer -> ETCO2 -> vent) Check cuff pressure (20-30 mmH20, use…More

Why do student development and course climate matter for student learning?

We need to teach the student, not the content. Students are still developing their physician personas and figuring out how to act. They may be emotionally more mature than college students, but this is quite a different environment than college. In the hospital, we are interacting with different people in different degrees of duress. It…More

What kinds of practice and feedback enhance learning?

The next step in attaining mastery, after breaking a task down into component pieces is to have students practice each component piece with feedback. They need to repeat it until they get it right. Each time they get it wrong, it’s our job to tell them how they got it wrong and how they can…More