Odds vs Risk Ratios

Odds ratios and risk ratios always confused me. I never really understood the reason behind having an odds ratio. It is so unintuitive to me, even still. There’s a great article from the Southern Medical Journal that explains it all! Watch the video then read the article. Viera AJ. Odds ratios and risk ratios: what’s…More


Here are four videos on Drowning. These are also cross-posted on Stella Yiu and my other site, The Flipped EM Classroom. Drowning 01: Pathophysiology Drowning 02: Rescue Drowning 03: Treatment Thanks!More

Instructional Scaffolding in the Pre-Brief

students walked into the sim lab like wide-eyed deer in the headlights their performance pretty much mirrored that analogy did they learn anything just by being scared? pre-briefs are defined as short sessions before the simulation set expectations and roles (take this thing seriously) familiarize students with equipment and debrief procedures but teaching doesn’t usually…More

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Systematic reviews sit atop the evidence-based medicine pyramid as the strongest form of evidence we have. This is so because it incorporates more data than individual studies. To avoid bias in making reviews, the authors need to follow a systematic process. In this video we look at this process the authors would follow and you…More

CORD 2014 – There’s an App For That (Paperless Edition)

Hello CDEM and CORD attendees. Each year for the past few years, a colleague and I have presented some of the most useful apps of the past year. This year, Jason Wagner (@TheTechDoc) and I have been asked to do the same. Feedback from those previous sessions really focused around providing demonstrations rather than just…More

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, is the biggest change in health care policy since Medicare in 1965. Despite its importance, very few understand it. This is not surprising given its complexity. Popular news outlets and politicians (on both sides) capitalize on our ignorance by…More

Hyperglycemic Emergencies

Diabetics often present to the Emergency Room with high blood sugar. Sometimes it’s just high and nothing else is wrong. Lower the sugar and send them on their way. Sometimes this represents something more ominous. In the next two videos we review the hyperglycemic emergencies of diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome.More

Active Shooter

Today, September 16, 2013, marks yet another day when a gunman opened fire upon civilians, killing unnecessarily. It seems that this is happening more frequently, and it would be foolish to think it is limited to schools, movie theaters and military compounds. As grim as it sounds, we should open the conversation as to what…More

Penetrating Neck Trauma

Here is an application of the method we use to approach trauma, namely penetrating trauma to the neck. Here are some important questions to ask yourself while watching these videos: What are the boundaries of the zones of the neck and why do they matter? Do all patients need to be intubated? Do all patients…More