Mental Status Exam

For the inevitable moment when the medical record eats all my macros, I’m backing them up here. Also, if anyone finds them useful, feel free to steal them. I stole them from elsewhere.More

GI Bleed Overview

Here’s two short videos giving an overview of upper and lower GI bleeds. I start every video with “Now let’s talk about…” Pretty annoying. I need a catch phrase.More

Rosalind Franklin University Flipped Classroom

The fine folks at Rosalind Franklin University invited me to speak on the Flipped Classroom and the use of technology. You can flip through the slides below or the handout here. You can also download them as a PPTX or PDF file if you’d like. I made some changes from the Rush talk.More

RMC Workshop on Flipping the Classroom

On September 30, 2015, I’ll be giving a workshop on How to Flip Your Classroom. The time allotted is only an hour-and-a-half, so I thought I’d offload some of the didactics here to the web. This gives us more time to use during the workshop to actually apply the concepts to your projects.More

EMRA + CDEM Patient Presentations Video

SAEM’s Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) and EMRA released a training video for medical students that demonstrates how to tell a compelling story when presenting a patient’s case. This brief video offers handy do’s and don’ts that will help medical students understand how best to efficiently and effectively communicate in the ED. The ten-minute…More

SMACC Workshop

On Tuesday, 8 am in Chicago, Stella Yiu, Rob Cooney, Andrew Petrosoniak, Doug Schiller, Jen Leppard and I will be presenting a Flipped Classroom workshop. The goal is to take you from idea to completed product in the span of four hours (with a much needed coffee break in the middle). Here’s our worksheet. SMACC…More

CORD 2015: Toolkit to Flip Your Classroom

Rob Cooney (@EMEducation) and I are giving a workshop on tools to flip your classroom in Phoenix at CORD this month. Since this is a resource heavy talk, I put the worksheet and slides up here. Here’s also my practice video on the “multimedia principles” portion of the talk. Flipping Your Classroom (CORD 2015 @…More

Preview 7 vs Preview 8

What happened to the that little boy on the Preview Icon? Preview plays a big part of my workflow for reading and annotating PDF’s stored in Papers 3. I highlight, circle things, and add a lot of text, then all annotations are saved automatically back into the Papers library. Preview and Papers work together more…More