Terminal Commands

Every time I need to reinstall my Mac, which has happened more often than I would have guessed, there are certain terminal commands I need to look up.More

Clinical Reasoning (1st draft)

The goal here is to start teaching clinical reasoning on day 1 of medical school. Though the students don’t yet have the medical knowledge to apply, I bet they can learn the process.More

Discharge Instructions

The October edition of EM-RAP had a great section on how to write good discharge instructions. This is not the pre-printed stuff that comes with the EMR but instructions written specifically for each patient. I modified my DCI (discharge instruction macro) to make those points more obvious. You have been diagnosed with ***, this is…More

Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (BRUE)

ALTE has been deprecated and replaced with BRUE. Apparent Life-Threatening Events scared parents and led physicians to unnecessary testing. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued the following guideline. BRUE ==== STEP 1: Meets DEFINITION of BRUE – BRIEF: less than 1 minute episode – RESOLVED: back to baseline/normal – UNEXPLAINED: no other etiology (no URI,…More


Used to risk stratify patients for further cardiac workup in the ER according to risk of major adverse cardiac events (MACE). History 2: highly suspicious 1: moderately suspicious 0: slightly or non-suspicious ECG 2: significant ST-depression 1: non-specific repolarization 0: normal Age 2: > 65 years old 1: 45-65 years old 0: < 45 years…More


For me, the most important image from Greg McKeown’s book “Essentialism” is a circle with “energy” at its center. In one circle, energy is expended in several directions. No net progress is made when adding all these vectors. In a second circle, all the effort vectors are aligned. Adding these vectors takes you somewhere. Your…More


Remember that Oxygen Delivery is composed of two parts: What is Shock? [Oxygen Delivery] = [Oxygen Content] [Cardiac Output] In the first video, let’s go over problems with that second part: cardiac output. How can cardiac output go wrong? All of these can lead to decreased cardiac output. Cardiac: problems with the PUMP. The heart…More

GTD Weekly Review

I rarely do the the weekly review in the GTD process, but can see its importance to get a handle on the upcoming week. Here’s a process I heard on David Allen’s podcast. Get Clear Collect Collect Loose Paper and Materials. Find all papers, receipts and other things and put them all in one place.…More