safe med practice: administration of IVPB meds

during the staff meeting, the question was raised on safe practice– some staffs were asking- re: how much flush is needed after IVPB meds/antibiotics was infused per heplock so patients receive 95-100% of their IVPB meds. ( that means, no other fluids are infusing per heplock except the antibiotics)— remember– they’re concerned that there should…More

Showing feedback – answer 2

You grab a big angiocath and stick it into his chest at the second intercostal space, mid-clavicular line. You get small gush of air coming out. His blood pressure starts to rise. Your colleague, having just witnessed this, says “you know, I had a similar case last week. I got an x-ray and while I…More

Showing feedback – answer 1

You get the chest x-ray and pull up the film immediately, but before you can get a good enough read the nurses call you to the bedside. “Your patient is coding!” Return to original postMore