MS4 Downloads

Here are various items you may use during your rotation:

For orientation

For during your shifts

For your presentations

Your presentations should be a critical appraisal of an article based on a question you have selected. This includes selecting a good question, phrasing it properly (PICO), good literature search, analyzing the article, then applying it to your practice.

Here are some great resources to help with the critical appraisal of your articles. Let’s avoid the systematic reviews for our presentation, but I’ve included them here because I think these are just great resources.

The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford  The Center for Evidence Based Medicine in Toronto
 cebm_diagnosis_worksheet  toronto_diagnosis
 cebm_prognosis_worksheet  toronto_prognosis
 cebm_therapy_worksheet  toronto_therapy
 cebm_systematic_review_worksheet  toronto_systematic_review



Asynchronous Interactive Modules

The idea of these modules is that you complete them on your own, then we can spend class time discussing your thought process. I think our time is better spent not lecturing, but where you get to think and I get to see how you think.

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

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