Dear students, we are transitioning all materials to a different website so that both the County and Rush students will be sharing all materials. Please click on the following link:

Dear Students,

Welcome to your rotation in Emergency Medicine. We’re honored to have you rotate with us. The emergency room provides a unique opportunity for students. The constant influx of patients provides you with many chances to perform focused assessments in a short time. You get immediate feedback: test results come back within hours (most of the time) and response to your treatment decisions is quickly evident. Plus, this is one of the few places in the hospital where you meet an undifferentiated patient. You aren’t given a diagnosis; you discover it. This is your chance to flex your clinical thinking muscles.

Through interactions with consultants, emergency medical personnel and patients, you can gain an understanding of the responsibilities of the emergency department and the needs it serves.

Let’s save some trees

In this rotation, there are no papers handed to you. Everything is online, but feel free to print whatever you feel you need to print. There are also no books to buy. We will be using the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine’s curriculum website as your textbook.

Prior to the first day

Please read the online syllabus as this provides most of the details about the 4-week rotation. You’re responsible for everything on there, but feel free to email me with any questions. Also review the curriculum page which lays out what we will be doing on each of our didactic days.

Let’s tailor this rotation to your needs. What do you want to know? Is there something you feel you should know by now, but don’t? Chances are you’re not alone. Is there something related to your specialty field of choice that fits into EM? We can use this month to work on that. If you’re getting this letter in an email, click on this link to fill out the form. If you’re already on this page, just fill in the table below.

What do you want to know?

Don’t worry, I will help you achieve your goal – but I want you to set an achievable goal and create a plan on how you’ll do it and know when it’s completed.

Also remember to register for the training module on EPIC ASAP (the Emergency Department module for the hospital’s electronic documentation system, EPIC). Instructions are in the syllabus. This is not the same EPIC you use on the floors or clinics, so you need to complete the module to be able to chart during the rotation.

On the first day
We will meet around noon on the first day of the rotation in the ED Conference Room in the new Tower. This is the West (bigger) conference room, the one closer to the lobby.

On this day, our department chairman (Dr. Rumoro) will welcome you. Then we’ll review the course objectives, grading and the how to approach the ED patient. You’ll also make your own schedule on the first day, so take a look at that link beforehand so you can adequately prepare your calendar. And we’ll go on a tour of the ED. Finally, we’ll learn how to read an EKG (click on this link for a lesson and some practice EKG’s). This is always one of the most requested learning objectives, so I just made it part of the course. We will also be going over how to make a differential diagnosis on day 1, so come prepared. Download this worksheet, fill it out and we’ll talk about it on the first day.

I look forward to our time together and hope you enjoy your time with us.

Rahul Patwari, MD
Clerkship Director