M3 Refresher Faculty Information

Dear Faculty,

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this very important course. These are students who for one reason or another have taken time off after their second year and are entering the clinical years after a delay. So, we are giving them a refresher on how to perform a history and physical, present a patient and write it up. They’ll be with us for about four days, about 3-4 hours each time.

My goal is to make this useful for them but also easy for you. Let me explain how it all works.

Watch a presentation

On the first day (or first half of the first day), have them shadow you so they can see what a history and physical is supposed to look like. When you and the student feel comfortable, let them take their own H&P. Pick a patient that is already undergoing evaluation – perhaps one that is waiting for a CT, ultrasound or some time-consuming test.

After their H&P, they’ll come by to present to you. Expect an end-of-M2-year quality presentation. These are not M3’s or M4’s.

Complete the evaluation form

They’ll give you an evaluation form to fill out. I suggest you do while they are presenting to save time and then give it back to them to hand in. The student can be responsible for turning it in instead of you.

Just because you are giving the form to them, please be honest with them. Don’t worry, what you write on the form is not their grade. Honest advice will help them grow and improve.

They should give you the form, but if you should need it you can download it here.

Grade an H&P

They will email you an H&P. Read through it and make some comments and send it back to the student. They can send it to you as a Word document or even just directly in the email. I prefer email because I can do it form my smart phone and don’t need to open another program.

Read through it and make comments. You can use the Track Changes feature of Word if you wish. Or just make it simple and put your comments in boldface, red letters or even ALL CAPITALS. Just make sure your comments stand out to the student. Then email it back to the student. They’re responsible for getting it back to me.

In Summary

And that’s it! So in a nutshell:

  • Let the student shadow you for a few patients
  • Pick a nice patient you’ve already seen who’ll be there a while and let them do an H&P on them
  • They’ll do a SHORT presentation to you. While they do, fill out their evaluation form (available here)
  • Later they’ll send you their H&P – make some comments on it and send it back to them


I appreciate all the work you do in teaching our students. So do they. You’re the best.

– Rahul

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