MS1/MS2 Shadowing

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Please look through the following frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that are still not answered, feel free to contact me.

For how long can I shadow?

4 hours

How many students per shadowing time?

1 per attending

When can I come and shadow?

Arrangements are made through the Emergency Medicine Interest Group. If you still have difficulty scheduling, then feel free to contact me.

What’s the phone number for the department?

Department phone number is 312-947-0100.

How many times can I shadow?

As many as you like but pace yourself – you should allow ample time for studying and don’t worry, you’ll be practicing medicine for the rest of your life!

What should I wear/bring?

“Business casual” attire under your white coat. You must wear your ID at all times. Closed toe shoes. Bring your stethoscope.

What shouldn’t I wear/bring?

Scrubs, jeans, t-shirts, nothing that exposes your tattoo, belly ring, etc. Also leave behind things you wouldn’t want to lose: books, computers, valuables.

What’s the official dress code policy?

Okay, well you asked!

The following is from the ER’s dress code policy:

While on duty, all students are required to be clean, well groomed and wear a Rush photo identification above the waist with thier picture clearly visible.

Rush lab coats are required with dress attire. No denim jeans, tee shirts, or open toed sandals are to be worn. Blue or green non-logo scrubs can be worn. Cut off shirts that display a bare midriff section, short skirts that display the upper thighs, or low cut shirts that display a low neckline are not allowed. Dark glasses are only permitted with documentation of a medical necessity. Undergarments should not be visible. Imprinted promotional logo shirts/slacks are not to be visible. Hoisery/socks are to be worn. Tattoos are to be covered. Acrylic or false finger nails are not allowed. Nails are to be a length of no longer than 1/4 inch.

Closed toed, non-slip shoes are to be worn in the clinical area. Slacks should be ankle length or longer. Dresses or skirts should be knee length or longer. Noticeably scented personal products are not allowed in the clinical area. All clothing must be cleaned, pressed, coordinated and fitted properly and appropriate for work. Hair must be clean and appropriately restrained. Facial hair must be well trimmed and maintained. No visible body piercing may be worn with the exception of earrings. Visible jewelry related to an established religious tradition may be worn.

Should you be found to be wearing inappropriate clothing you will be asked to change. Should this require you to go offsite, you will be required to make up that shift plus another (for a total of two shifts) at a time arranged with the med student co-ordinator.

What can I expect?

You will follow an attending Emergency Medicine physician and observe as they conduct history and physicals, formulate differential diagnoses, order the appropriate exams, hear presentations from residents, perform procedures and interact with the ER team and other medical professionals.

How does the “official” rotation differ?

In the M4 year the students do a 4 week elective. Throughout this experience, the student performs at the level of a sub-intern, interacting directly with attending physicians, performing histories and physicals, formulating the appropriate treatment plans, performing procedures. Students are also required to attend weekly lectures. For more information, browse through this website.