Showing feedback (instead of telling feedback)

I found a new blog on eLearning by Cathy Moore. Her most recent post is on giving feedback in scenarios that make students think. After answer a question of “what would you do next” you have one of two choices if the student picks the wrong answer:

  1. tell them the correct answer
  2. show them what happens if you pick the wrong answer, and then let them figure out if it’s wrong

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Finding Your Niche in Academic Medicine

Amal Mattu, who has appeared on many other posts I’ve put up here, spoke at the… well, he speaks at a lot of things. Despite being so accomplished he still comes off as being humble. Anyway, here’s a talk of his on finding your niche in academic medicine. It’s worth a listen. I usually listen to it once a year… and then procrastinate on doing anything about it.
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