Splint Like a Pro

splint_like_a_proPaul Casey and I were making videos to teach splinting. The lighting was poor, the audio terrible and Paul’s splint application technique was pathetic. So we instead decided to see if someone else has already done this. Luckily someone has. Rob Orman (from the ERcast podcast). It’s called Splint-Like-A-Pro because Rob goes to the ortho techs, who do this all the time – the pros, to see how they do it.

Please check out Rob Orman’s site for more videos and other great EM related topics. For my students, answer the questions below each video prior to the splinting session. Namely, tell me what the indications for these splints are and what sort of injury may create a need for such a splint. Search the web, book, whatever – and put your answers in the boxes.

Posterior Lower Leg Splint with Stir-up (using fiberglass)

Thumb spica splint

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  1. chris says:

    Great teaching resource, nicely put together. Thanks.

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