M2 Applied Physical Diagnosis Orientation

Thanks to those of you who volunteered to help mentor the new M2’s learn history and physical taking skills. There is an orientation that goes along with being a faculty member in this course, and here is most of that material.

If you prefer written instructions in Word documents, go for it. Download these.

Introduction to the Course

Here Dr. Gina Kring from the Department of Family Medicine and content leader for the APD course explains the details of how the day you meet with the students will typically go.

Logging into Blackboard

Most of the materials for the course will be stored online on a website called Blackboard. This can be found at http://elearn.rush.edu. You should be emailed your log-in credentials. If not, please contact Dr. Kring or Betty Dominguez (the coordinator for the course, 2-3161).

Downloading the Student’s H&P

After you spend the day with the students, they will have 2 days to compose a history and physical in Microsoft Word. Instead of emailing it to you, they will be uploading it to Blackboard. Here’s how you download it from there.

Using Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” to Edit their H&P’s

Once you have their write-up, go through it and make changes where needed. Perhaps they have used incorrect wording. Perhaps something is in the wrong order. Go ahead and change it, but use the track changes option in MS Word so the student can easily see your changes. Here’s a video showing you how to do that.

Upload the edited H&P back to Blackboard

Once you are done making changes to their H&P’s, save it – and put your last name at the end of the file. Then you’ll want to upload it back to Blackboard for the student to retrieve and review. Here’s how you do that.

Entering grades into Oasis

When it comes time to enter the student’s grades, you won’t be doing this on paper but online. We’ll not be using Blackboard, but a system called Oasis (you can also click that link to get there). Here are the instructions for doing that.

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