Early Goal Directed Therapy in Sepsis

This short video explains how to recognize and take care of the septic patient in the Emergency Room. The important things to remember are that:

  • Start therapy early – preventing death in the ICU depends on early and aggressive therapy in the Emergency Room.
  • Trend your lactate! That’s a good marker for hypoperfusion
  • Antibiotics within the first hour. Actually as soon as you recognize sepsis

You’ll also hear a dog longing for her owner in the background. I hope that’s not too distracting. Also if you want the PDF of this drawing (not sure why you would), you can get it right here.


  1. Jeff says:

    Good video. Given that this has been EM-focused videos, very much liked the focus on complications and their management (classes usually seem to go by the mantra, Sepsis = Antibiotics/fluids)

  2. Minh C. says:

    I really enjoyed this video. The guided case presentation and step by step management of septic pts was well done here. I better understand how to manage septic pts in the ER better now.

  3. Nisha B. says:

    I really like how each step is explained as to why it is done and its importance.

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