Is Emergency Medicine right for me?

I always found this to be a very difficult question. It’s just like having to guess if being a physician is right for you. There’s really no way to know until you’re already a doctor, living the doctor’s life. And by this point… it’s too late! You can never really know until you’re living the EM life, but you stil have to make the choice. So…
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Diagnostic Testing (from SMART EM)

David Newman, from Mt. Sinai in New York, has one of the most insightful and interesting podcasts in Emergency Medicine: SMARTEM. Here’s an excerpt from one of his podcasts which talks about diagnostic testing. It’s 30 minutes that is really worth your time. I couldn’t have said it better, so listen to the man himself.


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Outcomes and Kirkpatrick’s Hierarchy

kirkpatrick_heirarchyIn order to do research in medical education, we first need to define outcomes.

Stanley Hamstra described at the SAEM 2012 Consensus conference the Kirkpatrick hierarchy for the assessment of learning.

Most  studies fall at the bottom of the pyramid, the learner’s reaction to the experience – did they like it? This is where most of our evaluations of our courses fall when looking mainly at student comments. Continue reading “Outcomes and Kirkpatrick’s Hierarchy”