ACLS 2010 – Intro & Airway

Here’s an introduction to ACLS 2010, an important skill you should pick up not only for your ER rotation, but for all your rotations! Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be putting up more vids as I make ’em.

Again, leave me feedback in the comments.

The first part of ACLS is A and B… yes, the order has changed to CAB for adults suffering from likely cardiac causes, but I’m old fashioned, so let’s cover A & B first…

So let’s talk about capnography and intubations, etc. The use of capnography is a big change in the new 2010 guidelines. Looks like we got some new equipment to buy.


  1. Jeff says:

    Appreciated the introduction to how to approach airway management. Didn’t get enough experience in ACLS courses the finer aspects of airway pathophysiology, uses of different airways, etc. I know that intubation is a skill acquired through experience, but perhaps some addition of tips/tricks for the intubation process itself would be helpful for other students watching the videos.

  2. Ryan says:

    Great tips on ventilation speed. I would love to see pictures on how the different airways fit into the airway (i.e. OPA, nasal trumpet) just like with the combi tube and ETT. It will help with the mental picture.

  3. Daniel S. says:

    Nice ACLS review before I need to re-certify in ACLS. Although I know experience is the best way to learn intubation, it would be helpful to learn more tips to properly visualize the vocal cords with a MAC vs Miller blade, as well as other methods of intubation with a difficult airway.

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