Teaching in the ER

Effective teaching in the ED. Teaching is one of the legs in our promotion. The core themes:

Teaching in the ER

The core themes revolve around improving the educator, the learner and the institutional system.

Improve the education

  1. Announce the teaching moment
  2. Turn work into teaching
  3. Think out loud
  4. Teach beyond the shift
  5. Create mini-teaching rounds

Improve the learner

  1. Empower the learner – ask “so what one thing do you want to learn today?”

Improve the institutional system

  1. Teaching shifts

ACLS 2010 – Bradycardias

This video goes over the algorithm for bradycardias. I love the fact that they really simplified everything quite a bit. I’m not as sleepy in this video… no, I actually am.

The key points are really that the main drug here is atropine. If that doesn’t work then you can try one of three options: transcutaneous pacing, dopamine and epinephrine. If that doesn’t work, they need a transvenous pacer.

ACLS 2010 – Cardiac Arrest

Here are the 2010 ACLS Guidelines for Cardiac Arrest. This catch-all category encompasses anything without a pulse, but what had previously been separated out into the separate rhythms of ventricular fibrillation, pulseless ventricular tachycardia, asystole and pulseless electrical activity. I love the fact that they simplified this into one algorithm – and they stress:

  • early, deep and uninterrupted chest compressions, and
  • early defibrillation (when indicated – VF/VT)

The first video covers the algorithm and drugs

The second video goes into more details about these drugs

The third video looks at PEA and asystole

Inservice in the Breakroom: ACLS 2010 – Intro

Here’s an introduction to ACLS 2010, an important skill we all need to know. I’m trying a different way to get the information across. Sorry about the sedate voice, but the kids are sleeping so I have to be quiet. Let me know if you have any questions.

These three videos cover airway. I’ll be putting up more vids as I make ’em.

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ACLS 2010 – Intro & Airway

Here’s an introduction to ACLS 2010, an important skill you should pick up not only for your ER rotation, but for all your rotations! Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be putting up more vids as I make ’em.

Again, leave me feedback in the comments.

The first part of ACLS is A and B… yes, the order has changed to CAB for adults suffering from likely cardiac causes, but I’m old fashioned, so let’s cover A & B first…

So let’s talk about capnography and intubations, etc. The use of capnography is a big change in the new 2010 guidelines. Looks like we got some new equipment to buy.