safe med practice: administration of IVPB meds

during the staff meeting, the question was raised on safe practice–
some staffs were asking- re: how much flush is needed after IVPB meds/antibiotics was infused per heplock so patients receive 95-100% of their IVPB meds. ( that means, no other fluids are infusing per heplock except the antibiotics)— remember– they’re concerned that there should be antibiotics remaining in the tubing that the patient is not getting
—is it safe to say that tubing must be flushed with 10, 20 or 30cc ??? or should all antibiotics be piggybacked with 0.9NS bag… then how much??? 50cc? 100cc??

Please share if you’ve done any lit review on this…

I’ve done some literature review, and found one study that examined the administration of IV meds via soluset or continu-flow solution set. It’s posted in the breakroom— any comments….

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